Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Maze project for level 2 school journal

This my maze I created is a project from my Level 2 School Journal June 2018. In it I used,
obstacles that are lava, a pool of liquid nitrogen and a coat that protect you from the liquid nitrogen and being frozen.

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  1. Kia ora Kyle L,

    This is Jennae from Karoro School Greymouth and I am a year 8. I really like the idea how you have made a maze project. At my school every Friday we go to the Greymouth High School and last year we were in a coding class and we had to do mazes. We had to use spheros. Have you heard of spheros or used them before?

    I thought it was cool how you added things into the maze like a lava pool, a pool of liquid nitrogen and a coat for the liquid nitrogen so you don't freeze. I like the idea you had with the person going through the maze starts with 5 keys and slowly they lose one by one which is a good idea. It was a good idea to write beside the maze how you have to play and how the maze works.

    On the left I found it hard to read what you were trying to say so maybe you could make the size bigger of the text or change the colour so I could read what you were trying to say clearly. I had seen when I was reading about what you were doing doesn't quite make sense so could you maybe fix that up so myself and many others looking at your post will understand why you were doing this maze project. When I clicked on this post I seen that the title did not have capitals letters so maybe you could fix those and add capital letters. Lastly, the paragraph under the maze project is saying that you were doing a maze project and what you have added. It would be could if you could maybe add a couple sentences about why you were doing a maze project.